Draw 500 Things from Space: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers

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Publish date: 2022-01-01

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Publisher: ម៉ូនូម៉ែន ប៊ុក

Author Name: Unknown Author

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A pocket-sized sketchbook filled with 500 inspirational illustrations featuring a variety of doodles.The best way to learn to draw is to DRAW! And this little book is going to help you do just that. Filled with 500 inspiring drawings of intergalactic objects, this cute chunky volume features plenty of room for sketching your own versions of amazing things from space.From stars, planets, clouds, and spaceships, Draw 500 Things from Space is perfect for illustrators, cartoonists, doodlers, and anyone who loves to sketch. This is not a step-by-step technique book--rather, the doodles in this volume are simplified, modernized and reduced to the most basic elements, offering simple approachable illustrations to inspire you.This all-in-one pocket-sized sketchbook lets you draw right on the pages making it easy to keep all of your creations at hand. Get out your favorite drawing tools and see what you can create!  About the Author My brother Nate Padavick and I are a brother/sister design and illustration team known as Studio SSS. We are also the founders of They Draw & Cook and They Draw & Travel, the internet's largest collection of illustrated recipes and maps from artists around the world. While Nate likes to draw maps, bike, travel and drink good coffee I like to draw food, hike, hangout in my studio and drink good coffee. Nate and I don't live in the same state so we keep our business going through lots of caffeinated video chats. We are both inspired every single day by the amazing recipes and maps submitted to our sites from creative artists all around the globe. At any given time we each have a variety of assignments on our desk and notes for new book ideas scattered around! My studio is colorfully creative and adorned with artwork from friends, family and artists I've met. There is always a cat (or 5) hanging out with me. It's a bit more quiet here now that my boys are grown and moved on, I miss their daily chatter and laughter.