Easy Thai Cooking

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Publish date: 2022-01-01

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Cook delicious and beautiful Thai dishes with this easy-to-follow Thai cookbook.Thai cuisine has taken the world by storm. Its rich combinations of sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavors make Thai dining a complete sensory pleasure. Many people think that Thai dishes are difficult to prepare, but James Beard nominee and CIA trained chef, Robert Danhi proves that isn't so.Easy Thai cooking gives you a variety of easy-to-make recipes like Grilled Chicken Wings with Kaffir Lime Chili Glaze or Sweet-n-Spicy Pork Ribs or Green Mango and Cashew Salad. The thorough explanations of Thai cooking techniques that allows you to recreate the flavors of Thailand in your own kitchen. In addition, Chef Robert gives you expert guidance on acquiring and maintaining a well-stocked Thai pantry. With basic ingredients and his step-by-step instructions, you can make stunning dishes that will add a uniquely Thai flare to your cooking repertoire.Thai recipes include:Hot and Sour Tamarind SoupStir-fried Pork, Basil and ChiliesClassic Red Curry ChickenGolden Pork Satay with Thai Peanut SauceSpice Crusted Fire-Roasted ShrimpBarbecued Banana Leaf Curry FishGrilled Tofu, Curried Peas and Kefir LimePineapple Fried Jasmine RiceStir-fried Peanut-Tamarind NoodlesChef Robert's loose approach to cooking always takes into account and respects Thailand's unique cuisine. The flavors are authentically Thai, yet there is always room for experimenting and developing flavors of your own!