Dragon v. Dinosaur - The Witch with an Itch

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Publish date: 2022-01-01

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Publisher: ម៉ូនូម៉ែន ប៊ុក

Author Name: Unknown Author

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The littlest witch and the wizard, her twin, were both very stubborn and both liked to win...Who will triumph - the littlest witch or the littlest wizard? Magic transforms the twins from princess and knight to deadly dragon and dinosaur. BUT the littlest witch's troublesome itch soon comes along - and teaches the twins an important lesson...    About the Author After working as a copywriter for more than 20 years, Helen stopped writing for clients such as The Economist and Oxfam and started writing for children instead. Her first picture books were published in 2014, by Penguin Random House and HarperCollins.Helen lives in Sussex, UK, with her husband, two daughters and two black cats.Helen's latest picture book, The Spots and the Dots, is illustrated by Marion Deuchars and will be published by Andersen Press in October 2020.