100 Great Personal Impact Ideas - from Leading Companies Around the World

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Publish date: 2022-01-01

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The 2012 London Olympics provided some of the best examples of the personal impact of the athletes. The impact for some resulted from leading from the front, for others the impact resulted from following and then choosing their moment to exert their authority. However, the impact for all the competitors resulted from their preparation and their ability to take decisions in the moment. They had to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally. Their performance resulted from their attitude of mind as well as their physical preparedness. Our personal impact flows from clarity about who we are, what we stand for, where we place our priorities, when we choose to act, and understanding why we respond in a particular way. Crucial to personal impact is knowing ourselves and our preferences well, knowing how we contribute effectively, and knowing what our end goals are. Personal impact is all about delivering outcomes. However elegant our attempt at personal impact, if there is no outcome, then our impact may have been irrelevant. A key starting point is what is the outcome you want to achieve after considering realistically, and boldly what might be possible. This book invites you to think through the personal impact you want to have, and gives prompts for thought and practical pointers. The 100 ideas encourage you to think positively about what you are seeking to build, how you intend to be, and what you intend to do and not do. It provides pointers about what you might demonstrate, share, ensure, remember and create.